Anja Percival

I am fascinated by the different atmospheres that light creates in our environment. My etchings are hand-drawn, created by working directly onto the copper plate with a wax pencil. I rarely start with line, but instead focus on the highlights within an image, using techniques that build on the areas that will remain light, instead of building up the image with dark line and shading. My colour palette is relatively subdued… I feel that strong colour would detractthe attention from the subtle tonal variations within the imagery, and I frequently focus on spaces that do not include the human figure… because to me, a human presence signifies movement, and this would interfere with the stillness of the composition. My choice of subject matter is usually quite ordinary (e.g. the inside of my own home, or the scenery I pass daily on the way the work) but it’s the effect that light has within these spaces that captures my attention. I find it really interesting to see light transforming the unremarkable to the remarkable, revealing a whole new level of visual stimuli.


1999 - 2002: Falmouth College of Arts, B.A. (Hons) Fine Art

1998 - 1999 Falmouth College of Arts

1996 - 1998: Experimental Officer in Developmental Biology at Bath University

1991 - 1995: The University of Edinburgh, B.Sc. (Hons) Biological Science, Anatomy

Previous Exhibition Participation

2017, Printfest, Coronation Hall, County Square, Ulverston, Cumbria

2017, Print at the Courtyard, Courtyard Gallery, 32 Boroughgate, Appleby

2017, Copperplate, The Gallery, Gateshead Central Library

2017, The Great Print Exhibition at the Rheged Centre, Penrith. Redhills

2017, Northern Print, Stepney Bank, Newcastle upon Tyne

2016, The Biscuit Factory Autumn Show, Newcastle

2016, New Light Open Exhibition at the Bowes Museum, Barnard

2015, The Great Print Exhibition at the Rheged Centre, Penrith. Redhills

2015, The Biscuit Factory Autumn Show, Newcastle upon Tyne

2015, Art in the Pen, Skipton

2015, Gallery TEN mixed exhibition, at 10 Stafford Street, West End

2015, Printfest, Coronation Hall, County Square, Ulverston, Cumbria

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Anja Percival

"Cathedral Light VIII", etsning, 75 ex