Ailbhe Barrett

Ailbhe Barrett initially had interest in historical techniques in oil painting, and how these facilitated communication between artist and viewer. At a later stage she studied printmaking, in Limerick Printmakers and Graphic Studio Dublin, exploring the relationships between etching, drawing and painting, the important place print has had in contemporary art and throughout its history, as well as its place in own body of work. Her work is included in collections such as OPW, Irish Georgian Society and Irish National Botanical Gardens.

Ailbhe Barrett deltar i utställningen Grafik från Irland - 29 februari - 22 mars
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Ailbhe Barrett
"Doorlus", etsning, upplaga: 30 ex, bildmått: 80x59 cm
Ailbhe Barrett
"Morning doorlus", etsning, A/P, bildmått: 18x24 cm
Ailbhe Barrett
"Evening Lull, etsning, A/P, bildmått: 18x24 cm
Ailbhe Barrett
"Brume, poplar and hawthorne", etsning, A/P, bildmått: 18x22 cm
Ailbhe Barrett
"Rebound (Sycamores)" etsning, A/P, bildmått: 18x23 cm
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